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Natalie Fox

Middleburg, VA

Natalie Fox is a self taught oil painter from Northern Virginia with now over 25 years of experience painting. As a lover of horses, Natalie attended both Michigan State University's Equine Science program and the Savannah College of Art and Design where she also rode on their equestrian team. Drawing upon her deep knowledge of horses and their movements, she creates dynamic paintings that convey the animals' strength and athleticism.

Inspired by the beautiful Virginia Hunt Country, Natalie's artwork captures the grace and power of horses in motion. She uses her brushstrokes and vibrant colors to convey the movement and energy of these magnificent animals.

Currently residing in Middleburg, VA with her two daughters, Natalie finds endless inspiration in the incredible landscapes in and around Middleburg. Her artwork has been exhibited in galleries, published in magazines and newspapers, featured on television and online.

Through her paintings, Natalie hopes to share her love of horses and the beauty of the equestrian world with others. Her unique style and vision make her a fresh addition to the community and she looks forward to continuing to create new works of art for audiences to enjoy.

Natalie Fox
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