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The fairy and the mice.JPG

"Spring Ephemerals" by Leanne Fink

Participate as an Artist

Are you interested in participating as an artist? Click the link below to inquire about becoming an artist in Art of the Piedmont. We have an amazing community of artists and without each and everyone of them this event could not go on!  


"Dressed in Yellow" by Dana Lee Thompson

L. Fink - Spring Ephemerals.jpg

"Spring Ephemerals" by Leanne Fink

Miracle of Fragility, encaustic, 30x40, Stine - Anne Stine.jpg

"Miracle of Fragility" by Anne Stine

Goll_31-26-36 - Lori.jpg

"31-26-36" by Lori Simmerman Goll

Riedel__Evening Field_.JPG

"Daisy" by Jillian Holland

Duke_Late Spring Near Middleburg.jpg

"Late Spring in Middleburg" by Teresa Duke

Misia Broadhead-Birds .JPG

"Birds" by Misia Broadhead

"Evening Fields"

by Katherine Riedel

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