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What is Art of the Piedmont?

In 2011 Art of the Piedmont was born as a benefit fundraiser for Middleburg Montessori School. The concept of an art auction featuring and celebrating local artists seemed like the perfect way to raise funds for Middleburg Montessori School, which had just transitioned itself as an official non-profit. BethAnn Slater relinquished private ownership of Middleburg Montessori School, to a nonprofit organization, to better serve the Middleburg community making the Montessori curriculum accessible to more people in the Middleburg area, including those living in Fauquier, Loudoun, Clarke, and Frederick counties. Diversity and accessibility are essential to Dr. Maria Montessori's vision for her curriculum, and Middleburg Montessori School strives to embody the truest form of Dr. Montessori's work.


The Montessori Philosophy embraces the arts as well as academics, teaching children to be expressive, work with their hands, to observe, ask questions, and reflect. The connection between academics and the arts are seamless in the Montessori classroom. This is why the Art of the Piedmont Art Auction and Reception is the perfect fundraising event for Middleburg Montessori School. Each year, Art of the Piedmont continues to be critical to Middleburg Montessori School's ability to fulfill its mission, nurturing independence, and a love of learning to a diverse student body.

Art Of The Piedmont  

Middleburg Montessori School is dedicated to creating capable children by being an integral part of the community for the past 41 years with AMI Spanish Immersion Montessori Education. We are a mission based non-profit serving children from birth to 9th grade in Loudoun, Fauquier, Frederick and Clarke Counties. We have cultivated an environment that promotes our child-led learning philosophy, which has allowed us to provide tailored educational learning experiences based on each child’s interests.

This notable event contributes to funding for the growth of the school, including the ability to provide need-based scholarships for a portion of our students. Through the hard work of the staff, parents and community sponsors we have had great success in building on our goals and seeing them come to fruition. Each year we continue to work on expanding the opportunities available to the students and get them more exposure and experience with their developing passions.

Learn more about MMS and their mission 

"Creating Capable Children Birth Through Grade 9" 

Come visit our beautiful campus located just 3 miles outside of Middleburg, VA. 

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