Jessica Wilson

Leesburg, VA

Jessica Wilson, a native Washingtonian, grew up in a family of artists.

Her studio and home on Mt. Gilead were once the center of an artist colony, considered to be the first in Loudoun County. She feels she’s a link in the chain of those painters who worked there before her.

Her subjects range from small set-ups in the studio to expansive views of the outdoors, but always with a leaning toward the abstract.

“It’s compelling when the force of light and shadow distills things to their essence, or when the underlying structures emerge and take shape before your eyes.” Either way the natural world beckons to be reinvented or constructed into something new.

Jessica has taught locally and is an active member of the Loudoun Sketch Club and Artists in Middleburg. She exhibits her work in solo and group shows throughout the area.

Jessica Wilson