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Gayle Isabelle Ford

Brightwood, VA

Gayle Isabelle Ford was born and raised in New Orleans. Her earliest memories are drawing and her love of animals, especially horses. Unknown to Gayle, her high school art instructor entered her work into an art competition presented by the Art Association of New Orleans. Gayle's artwork awarded her a scholarship to the McCrady School of Fine and Applied Arts, located in the French Quarter.

While raising her family, Gayle pursued studies through art classes, studying illustration, photography, and fine art through the community college of the suburbs of Washington, DC. Gayle and her two daughters moved to Colorado, where her daughters graduated from CSU, and Gayle worked as a staff illustrator for Interweave Press.

Missing her love for Virginia's blue mountains and trees of Virginia, Gayle moved back to where she felt at home. Gayle is comfortable with oils, watercolor, acrylic, and graphic, making it difficult for her to decide which she enjoys most. However, her first love is drawing. Gayle uses these mediums to capture her love of nature, animals, and fascinating faces.

Gayle Isabelle Ford
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