William Bensen

Virginia Beach, VA

William Bensen’s interest in art developed as a young child, surrounded by a family of artists. His grandfather was an artisan with clients such as Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands, the Posts, Huttons, and Vanderbilts. Bensen’s father sculpted iron into creative furniture forms. His uncle was a cinematographer who captured images of Shirley Temple and other notables.

William Bensen produced a children’s television show for NASA on PBS which earned 11 Emmy Aards and two Golden Cines. While television and film created a livelihood, Bensen’s passion is oil painting. Inspired by N.C. Wyeth, John Singer Sargent, and Joaquin Sorolla, many of Bensen’s canvases capture solitude and the play of light upon nature.

The artist states, "Every painting has an important story to convey; ideas so subtle, it defies verbal expression. Through the language of my brush, I can say things that are impossible with words.”

Bensen is represented by galleries on the East Coast and has exhibited in juried exhibits throughout. Having earned numerous art awards in plein air, commemorative posters and the Grumbacher Gold Award, his works are included in private collections across the United States.

William Bensen