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Peggy Duvall

Millwood, VA

A resident of Millwood VA, Peggy is a lifelong painter with lengthy career in architectural design and

building. Her design background together with a deep connection to the rural Virginia landscape and all

things floral have shaped who she is as an artist.

She has an affinity for watercolor due to its fluidity and spontaneous nature. She appreciates the way

watercolor plays with paper and gives back to the painting process by yanking the yoke back to school her

in its preferred direction. She works on heavy bright white cotton paper. That the paper is constructed of

a plant is not lost on her and contributes also to her painting process.

Peggy’s work has been shown locally at The Museum of the Shenandoah Valley, Long Branch House

Museum, The Barns of Rose Hill and the AIM gallery in Middleburg. Her work is in homes locally as well as

New Jersey, Georgia, Maryland, Ohio, Indiana, South Carolina and California.

Peggy’s paintings reflect, as does a garden, a constant give and take between nature and intellect. They

exploit flaws and inconsistencies aspiring to beauty and control. She invites the viewer into her garden to

make it their own.

Peggy Duvall
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