Jillian Holland

Round Hill, VA

Jillian Holland received her Bachelors of Fine Arts in sculpture, from the Katherine J Herberger Institute for Design, at Arizona State University. She is a patron and an influential advocate of arts and education in our community. She aids in expanding artistic education through fundraising, creative children’s books, sculpture lectures, technique seminars, and exhibitions. Jillian’s company, Monuments for Tomorrow Inc., specializes in restoring, fabricating, and placing monumental bronze sculptures across the country.

As a monumental sculptor, Jillian’s portfolio showcases a range of artistic mediums. Her ideas begin with a sketch, develop in paint, and transform during modeling and molding. This process transitions her visions into pristine, larger than life metal castings and fabrications.

Noticeably, she brings a softness to metal sculpture. Creating seamless curves and beauty to such a rigid material. From her uncanny realism to contemporary works, Jillian’s creative ability and refined techniques far surpass expectation. Her personal studio resides in Round Hill, VA.

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Jillian Holland