Anthony Barham

Anthony Barham was born in London, England, and grew up in the antique business on Portobello Road. He learned how to restore old master paintings, thus learning the craft of painting. He settled in Middleburg, Virginia, and married artist Misia Broadhead. Together they created The Broadhead-Barham Studio. Since 1995, Anthony has been exhibiting in Virginia, as well as, taking commissions in the Washington D.C and local area. His works are on permanent display at The Antique Emporium in Middleburg, Virginia. You may also find his works at the Inn at Little Washington. Anthony has participated with Art of the Piedmont each year for the last 10 years.


Barham- Beaver portrait .jpg

Brittany Beiersdorf Ross

What lies beyond the boundary of sight has long been the passion expressed and conjured by this visionary artist. The inner language of the sacred comes as an invocation, a path paralleled by personal myth.  From her early works making films Beiersdorf’s Bolex camera was her muse; the very treasure of the unfolding, a moving nautilus opened to light only to return to darkness. While attending the avant-garde School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, her romance with the moving image shifted to the still image. A love of Polaroids and the magic of instant photography inspired a new medium of image capturing. Beiersdorf subsequently discovered the ephemeral technique of using Type 55 Polaroid negatives with a 4x5 pinhole camera during her studies at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. After her exhibition in New York City, “Vision of the Initiate,” it was apparent the prophecy within the photographs had been activated in her very reality.  As an adolescent Beiersdorf’s creative impulse originally began with literature and poetry. Transcendentalists like Henry David Thoreau and Ralph Waldo Emerson who echoed the holy within the natural landscape ignited her courtship with nature and the mystical. During the past several years, using elaborate journals and art books, Beiersdorf intuitively began evolving that initial inspiration by making mixed-media paintings. Vibrant in color, embodied by shamanic presence, and iridescent as an abalone shell, they evoke the lost imagery and forgotten messages of the celestial world. Brittany has a ten-year-old son named Cheveyo. Together they reside in a forest property in Northern Virginia called The Perch.  []

FINAL Brittany .png
William Bensen

William Bensen interest in art developed as a young child, surrounded by a family of artists.  His grandfather was an artisan with clients such as Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands, Marjorie Post, and the Vanderbilts.  Bensen’s father sculpted iron into creative furniture forms.  His uncle was a cinematographer who captured images of Shirley Temple and other notables. Bensen has worked for major television networks and NASA where he earned 11 Emmy Awards and two Golden Cines.  While television created a livelihood, Bensen’s passion is oil painting. Inspired by N.C. Wyeth Dean Cornwell and Joaquin Sorolla, many of Bensen’s storied canvases capture solitude and the play of light upon nature.  The artist states, “I am drawn to the two states of nature.  That which surrounds us, and that which lies within us.  I want to visually tell a story and emotionally engage the viewer. Through the unique language of the paintbrush, one can say things that are impossible with words.” He has earned numerous art awards including the Grumbacher Gold, Silver & Bronze for Best Commemorative Poster/Internat’l Festivals-Events Assoc. and won Best Floral at Plein Air Easton/Local Color.  His works are included in private collections across the United States.

Bensen_Amongst The Daffodils 20x30.jpeg
Misia Broadhead

Misia Broadhead was born in Washington D.C. and grew up in Italy, in Rome and Tuscany. Italy was a great source of inspiration for her creativity as she was surrounded by its marvels of art and architecture. She attended The Byam Shaw School of Drawing and Painting in London and upon her return to Rome hosted her first solo exhibit in 1980. She proceeded to work on commissions in Rome and Tuscany and subsequently hosted exhibits of her paintings in Washington, D.C. She later partnered with Susan Byrne and opened a gallery in Middleburg, Virginia, now known as The Byrne Gallery. When she married the English painter Anthony Barham in Middleburg, they created The Broadhead-Barham Studio open to visitors for commissioned work and sale of paintings. Misia and Anthony have their smaller paintings on permanent display at The Antique Emporium in Middleburg as well as The Inn at Little Washington. []

Misia Broadhead-Birds .JPG
Debbie Cadenas

Debbie Cadenas has pursued her passion for painting upon moving to Middleburg, Virginia. The scenic Virginia countryside, sheep, and horses in her pasture provide inspiration for her artwork. Several solo exhibits throughout the area keep her busy and many businesses display her work including Salamander Equestrian Center, Artists in Middleburg Gallery, Journeyman Saddlers, The Side Saddle Bistro, The Museum of Hounds and Hunting, Common Grounds, and The Byrne Gallery.  Debbie’s shop “Journeymen’s Treasures” located at 16 S. Madison St. Middleburg showcases her artwork on more than just canvas. A portrait of Pope Francis blessing Sister Yaleni which is on display at the “Exhibición de Arte Religioso” in Santiago, Cuba.  An oil portrait of St Francis de Sales presides in the library of St. Francis De Sales Catholic Church Purcellville and St. Agnes hangs in the rectory. An acrylic Mural of St. Katharine Drexel is behind the altar at the Mission in Bull Run, Virginia. Debbie painted Our Lady of the Rosary which hangs in St. Stephen the Martyr Catholic Church in Middleburg. As past chairperson of the Middleburg Arts Council she is presently co-hosting “Foxes on the Fence” to fund beautification projects for the Town. Debbie gives credit to God for her gifts and talent and loves to share her work with local schools, churches, and charities.

Cadenas-Hunting in Middleburg (avb show)
Teresa Duke

Teresa Duke is an accomplished painter of still life, landscape, portrait, and sporting art. While pursuing her MFA at George Washington University in Washington, D.C., Duke studied with renowned painter, William Woodward. She received the prestigious Robert N. Alfandre award for drawing. She has worked with noted landscape painter, Wolf Kahn and master portraitist, Daniel Greene. The artist has several magazine covers to her credit, including the 75th-anniversary edition of Keeneland Magazine and the Chronicle of the Horse. The artist was featured in the first issue of The Scout Guide’s Hunt County, VA in the summer of 2012. She has appeared in numerous issues of the Chronicle of the Horse, Middleburg Life, and participates regularly in juried exhibits of The American Academy of Equine Art and The Museum of Hounds and Hunting North America. Art of the Piedmont, an annual Middleburg event, has featured Duke’s work for the last several years. Duke is a regular contributor to the Piedmont Regional Art Show, as well as Art at the Mill. In 2017, GWU presented Duke’s Still Lifes on the Steinway and Other Mementos, a one-person show at their Ashburn Campus. Duke’s work is in many public and private collections throughout the United States and abroad. Her work can be viewed at


Leanne Fink

Leanne Fink creates life-affirming contemporary oil paintings that awaken our senses and move the spirit. On one level, her work delights viewers with strong shapes, bold palette, and textural elements. And yet, in that same moment, it reaches through to the heart of the art lover demanding introspection. Her art is found in many collections and is available as original paintings and reproductions. “My joy flows from finding that special spark of inspiration. I look for beauty in our world and create my oil paintings with this in mind."

Leanne is represented by District Arts Gallery, Frederick, MD. Her award-winning art can be seen in juried exhibitions throughout the DMV. “A work of art offers the viewer a window into the soul of the artist. They catch a glimpse of what the artist is thinking, feeling, and how they interpret their world. This can have a profound effect. My imagery uplifts and offers an oasis to rest for a moment and recharge. After all, art is for everyone to enjoy!” Leanne gives private art lessons. Selected memberships: Oil Painters of America, Manhattan Arts International, The Art League, AIM Gallery.

Fink-Leanne_Call of the Canyon 4mb.jpg
Morgan Fink Paixao

Morgan Fink Paixao lives in Virginia in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley. She graduated from James Madison University with a degree in both Fine Arts and Geographic Science. This balance of her creative and analytical sides crosses over into her artwork. Throughout her post-graduate career, she has continued to hone her technical skills while simultaneously exploring the means of creating intuitive pieces.
Morgan works primarily in oil and gouache paint mediums with her subject of the past five years being the forest. “I continually feel inspired by the forest - the organic forms of the branches endlessly layered against one another and all the shapes in between. I’m able to abstract these shapes, lines, and colors and thus portray a range of human emotion and circumstance through this seemingly simple subject matter.”
Morgan’s work is distinguished by a uniquely bright color palette and bold, expressive brushstrokes. Her most recent collection explores the relationship of darkness and lightness within ourselves and the necessary balance between.


Gail Guirreri-Maslyk

GAIL GUIRRERI-MASLYK is an equestrian, sporting, landscape and portrait fine artist working in oil on canvas for over 30 years. Living in Virginia horse country, inspiration is abundant from the many local equestrian sports and countryside views. Gardens, farm animals and wildlife are captured in a moment with quick study paintings. Like all her work, these are free flowing with strong brush strokes easily recognized as iconic ‘Gail’ paintings. Gail balances her time between art, computer graphics and programming, her partner’s veterinary practice Dr. William B. Ley DVM, MS DACT and her own breeding farm of Holsteiner sport horses.
Gail has been featured in magazines such as The Chronicle of The Horse, Sidelines, Horses in Art, Middleburg Eccentric, and The POST (as well as other newspapers on the East Coast). Gail has been invited to show often at a variety of major events including MFHA Centennial Tour, Kentucky Derby, HITS, ASHA World Championships, and the Virginia State Senate among others. She has paintings in the permanent collection at the Salamander Resort and Spa. She has been featured at the National Sporting Library as well as the solo artist for Ashby Inn in Paris, VA. Gail also donates her efforts to charities helping hospice, humane foundations, youth development, and equine rescue/retirement.  


Jillian Holland

JILLIAN HOLLAND’S portfolio has a range of notation from the beginning sketch, to paint, model, mold, weld, cast, and patina metal sculpture.  Her ability to define detail at a microscopic level in monumental sized works has landed, Jillian, name recognition within the arts community. Owner of Monuments for Tomorrow, Inc., she consults, restores, preserves, and aids in relocation of our nation’s public sculpture collection, private pieces, and museum artifacts. Jillian’s personal artwork explores the movement in a composition of a song, the growth of a petal, or simply the longing in an expression. Noticeably she brings a softness to metal sculpture. Jillian’s newest sculpture line, ‘Embracing Virginia,’ is a series of “Love Notes.” Each steel piece holding a wish, secret, or key to someone’s heart. From contemporary works to realism, her creative ability has a wide range. Her personal studio resides in Round Hill, VA. Jillian received her Bachelors of Fine Art in sculpture, from the Katherine J Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts, Arizona State University. She is a patron and an influential advocate of local arts and arts education. Utilizing school platforms and local community centers for artist talks, children’s creative books, and technique seminars. She also organized LKA’s Belmont Craft Fair for college scholarships. Which now grants five different scholarships for future education. []

Bonnie Hoover

Bonnie Hoover is a self-taught artist from Hume, Virginia. She graduated from Virginia Tech with a degree in Geospatial Analysis and now resides near the Catoctin Mountains in Frederick, Maryland. Bonnie uses the natural world as inspiration for her work; an avid hiker and Master Naturalist, she spends much of her free time in the woods observing or collecting items to sketch or paint. Her love of maps is the basis for many of her line drawings, the path of each line is influenced by the shape of a natural feature such as a mountain, river, or forest. Bonnie also enjoys painting and drawing simple mountain landscapes, plants, and especially mushrooms. Keen to share her love of art and nature with others, she hopes to share her knowledge by someday illustrating a field guide of local edible plants and mushrooms. Her preferred mediums are pen/ink and watercolor, but Bonnie is also a photographer. Her work can be found in magazines such as Mother Earth News, Countryside, and Backyard Poultry, as well as two books written by local author, Harvey Ussery.

Laura Hopkins 

Laura Hopkins is known for her expressive, atmospheric landscapes painted from memory and imagination. Although she creates much of her work in the studio, her practice includes field outings spent drawing, painting, and simply appreciating the beauty of the natural world. These studies, drawings, and memories serve as a creative wellspring for paintings that vary from being closely representative of a specific scene to being completely imagined from a boldly abstract start. “I let my feelings about the subject determine my approach. I paint gesturally and intuitively and use a variety of tools to both apply and remove paint. I am open to allowing an errant mark--a happy accident--to change the course of the painting. I view each painting as an experiment or journey, and I’m not entirely sure where it will take me. This approach involves some trial and error but allows me to search for the mystery and suggested reality that I want my work to reflect.”  Hopkins is a member of the Loudoun Sketch Club, the Artists in Middleburg Gallery, the Lyme Art Association, Oil Painters of America, and the American Impressionist Society. Her award-winning work has been featured in Middleburg Life and Elan Magazine. 

Hopkins- The Shadowed Wilds.jpg
Cody Leeser 

Cody Leeser paints the natural world around her and the whimsical nature of childhood.  She specializes in small oil paintings. Her education was under William Woodward and Becky Parrish in 2010 at the William Woodward School of Fine Art. She also studied with Juan Jr. Ramirez and Stephen S. Walker. She now shows her work at the Berkley gallery and Artists In Middleburg Gallery as well as at local shows. Cody has won numerous awards locally including Best In Show at the Piedmont Regional and at the Artists In Middleburg Gallery and has served as Judge at the Piedmont Regional Art Show. She has been selected to show in the Art of the Piedmont Auction since 2015. Her studio is in Orlean, VA. Commissions are pleasantly welcomed. For more images please go to []

Harbor Morning by Cody Leeser-2.JPG
Eric Lucas

Eric Lucas began drawing at an early age with the idea of being a comic book and commercial illustrator. Joseph Csatari, Norman Rockwell’s protege, encouraged him to attend art school when he came of age. Ignoring that advice, years later Lucas attended Towson State University and the University of Maryland as a major in Theatre and Film. He worked as a writer, actor, producer, and director for the next 30 years, and was a founder of The Keegan Theatre - before retiring to a horse farm in Marshall, Virginia. His father, the artist George Lucas, father-in-law - the abstract expressionist David Waters and his much more talented wife Kerry Waters are inspirations. He is currently working on a series of portraits inspired by the history of this country. He has recently focused on many renditions in pen and ink and paint of the great chef Anthony Bourdain and is currently producing a series of private portrait commissions. Eric’s work has been seen at AIM in Middleburg, Barrel Oak Winery, The Keegan Theatre in Washington, DC, and Glenview Mansion in Maryland.

Deborah Morrow 

Born in Baltimore, Maryland, Deborah grew up next to a thoroughbred farm and fell in love with horses at an early age. She started drawing, singing, and creating images when she was only three, and continued to pursue her passion for the arts as she started a career in the graphic arts and printing industry while in high school. Mentored by one of Baltimore’s accomplished illustrators, she learned more about her drawing but decided to photograph horses instead, which led to over twenty published covers, and seven trips to the Three Day Event in Lexington, Kentucky. Her one of kind art pieces are sold at various markets around Loudoun County, and in 2018, she joined the Loudoun Artisan Trail. Her work can be seen at the Reston Artisan Market. 
She also designs images on the site, Spoonflower, which makes gift wrap, wallpaper, and images on cloth. Her studio is in Philomont, Virginia. 


Morrow-Upperville Sidesaddle.jpg
Marci Nadler

Marci Nadler is a contemporary colorist painter working in oils, acrylics, watercolor, and ink. Her paintings straddle a fine line between representational and abstract. Her work has been exhibited internationally, through Art in Embassies Program (in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and La Paz, Bolivia), and in numerous exhibits in the U.S. Paintings by Nadler are in Rachel Mellon’s Oak Spring Garden Library Collection and many private collections. Her work was included in the Robert D’Arista Legacy exhibit at the Katzen Museum at American University (2018). Upon graduating with a BA in Graphic Design from AU, Nadler won first place in the National Society of Arts and Letters Regional Competition in Painting. That recognition, the encouragement of mentors Bill Calfee, Robert D’Arista, and Ben Summerford, together with Graduate Fellowship Awards and The Helene Herzbrun Award for Painting convinced her to pursue an MFA in painting at American University. She continued her fine arts studies in the following years with former AU faculty Stephen Pace and with William Calfee and Patricia Friend.  Nadler is a member of Artists in Middleburg, Guild of Natural Science Illustrators, the National Society of Arts and Letter, and a board member of the Calfee Foundation. In addition to painting, Marci Nadler promotes the tremendous artistic diversity of the Virginia Piedmont. She currently works from a studio and gallery in Marshall, Virginia. []

Nadler_Field of Thistles and Blue Ridge.
Lee Newman

Lee Newmanis a painter and printmaker from Frederick, Maryland. He received BFA and MFA degrees from American University before continuing his studies as a Fulbright Scholar in Vienna, Austria. As a Fulbright Scholar, he had access to the vast collection of prints and drawings at the Albertina and also traveled to study paintings in many museums across Europe. This experience had an important impact on his work. Upon returning to the United States, he reevaluated the direction of his work, gradually shifting from large abstract studio paintings to small scale works drawn from direct observation. This shift involved a more ambitious approach to expressive themes. Buoyed by a new aesthetic conviction, he decided to found an art school in 1984, the Washington Studio School. The goal was to create a non-degree program that offered a full curriculum of art courses comparable to those taught at colleges and art schools. He continues to serve on the faculty and has managed to embrace the virtual classroom. His prints and paintings are in a number of private and public collections across the country. These collections include the National Gallery of Art, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The California Palace of the Legion of Honor, and The Library of Congress. Grants and awards include, Maryland State Art Council Award, Assilah Forum Foundation residency (Morocco), New Hampshire State Art Award, Kreeger Painting Award, and Elizabeth van Swinderen Painting Award.

Jill Poyerd

Jill Poyerd is a contemporary realist known for her tranquil subject matter and unique painting style. Her award-winning work can be found in private collections both nationally and internationally. She has been featured in national publications, is the author of the portrait painting book Fearless Portraits, and is a signature member of several prestigious art societies, including the National Watercolor Society. Jill works in both water media and oil paints and has exhibited extensively throughout the Mid-Atlantic region as well as in national shows. “Jill Poyerd brings “peaceful, contemplative moments” to life on the canvas.  She approaches the canvas with little preparation, instead allowing herself total freedom to create. Both her watercolor and oil painting works depict gorgeous scenes of nature with a style distinctly her own. Something as common as a tree appears soft and ethereal through Jill’s painterly style.” -
In addition to her work as an artist, Jill is a popular painting instructor on both UDemy and SkillShare and produces art appreciation videos for her highly successful YouTube Channel (Jill Poyerd Fine Art) where she has reached over 2.5 million viewers. Jill lives with her husband in Northern Virginia.


Katherine Riedel

Katherine Riedel graduated from The University of Mary Washington with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and K-12 art certification. Many galleries in Virginia and Maryland have displayed and sold her work. Locally, she was an Artist in Residence at Waterford Elementary School with an emphasis on book illustration. She has over 30-years of teaching experience in both public and private schools, and in her home studio with students of all ages. Katherine’s art has won awards at multiple regional juried shows, was included in a traveling art show to Germany, and has been purchased for the Amazon’s permanent collections at Oatlands historic house and gardens. She has accomplished commissioned art for numerous individuals and the Waterford Foundation. Her inspiration comes from the beauty of her surroundings in Loudoun County. Katherine has been a part of the Art of the Piedmont consistently since 2013

Riedel__Evening Field_.JPG
Bill Rock

Bill Rock received a BA in Radio, Television, and Film from the University of Wisconsin–Madison and a Master of Fine Arts in Visual Arts from Vermont College in Montpelier, VT. He has led courses on color theory, painting, and drawing at Georgetown University and the Smithsonian Institution, among others. Rock has mounted solo exhibitions at Civilian Art Projects in Washington, D.C., the Washington Theological Union in Washington, D.C., the Temporary Museum of Art in Chicago, the Emerging Collector Gallery in New York City, and the C.R.I.M.E. Gallery in Paris, France. 
He has served as Artist-In-Residence for Wesley Theological Seminary (Washington DC) as well as Tandem Press (Madison, WI).


Lori Simmerman Goll

Lori Goll is a painter and lover of nature.  Vast natural vistas (sea or land), birds, animals, and trees, rural and bucolic scenes are the subjects of her paintings.  Her primary medium is soft pastel. After studying engineering at Virginia Tech and working in telecommunications for several years, she decided to pursue her true calling as an artist.    A constant learner, she has studied painting, drawing, and printmaking with various local and regional artists including many art studio courses at Northern Virginia Community College.   She has attended travel workshops with many professional artists, including Kevin Fitzgerald, Richard McKinley, Lou Gagnon, Casey Klahn, Steven Walker, Danni Dawson, Kurt Schwarz, and Mike Francis.  Recently, she has returned to oil painting, studying with Gavin Glakas.   Now a teacher herself (both privately and through the Great Falls School of Art), she is committed to constantly learning and trying new media, techniques, and subject matter, and encourages students in her workshops and classes to do the same.  
Lori has participated in numerous solo and group shows and has received many awards for her work.   Her work resides in many private collections around the world.  Her home studio is located near historic downtown Leesburg, Virginia. 


Goll_Greenhill Sentinel.jpg
Anne Stine

Anne Stine is best known for capturing the luminescence of nature in contemporary land and water scenes in encaustic wax.  Since childhood, growing up in Virginia, she has had a deep spiritual connection to nature and explains, “My artwork expresses the joy and awe I feel for nature and my emotional connection to the world. The scenes I choose stir me emotionally and then I transpose that feeling into the message of the painting.” She finds that encaustic (a mixture of beeswax, damar resin, and pigment) allows her to express the intensity, fluidity, and varied textures found in nature more realistically than any other medium. The artist currently lives in Purcellville, Virginia. You can see her portfolio at [

Stine_Upward climb, encaustic.jpg
Kerry Waters 

Kerry Waters is a painter living in Marshall, Virginia with her husband Eric Lucas who also is an artist. She draws her inspiration from the beauty and the animals that surround her, enjoying painting horses, cows and dogs as well as working as a decorative artist, muralist, and faux finisher. From a family of artists, painting has always been a part of  Kerry’s life, although she originally started her career in the arts as an actor. She studied Drama and Art in College at Vassar where she also learned set design and many of the faux techniques that would serve her professional life as a decorative painter later on stage, as well as for design work in people's homes. She works in all kinds of mediums enjoying oil and acrylic for her paintings as well as pen and ink for her current children's book projects. She cares for horses every day and is currently painting a series of Missouri Fox Trotters. Kerry has recently participated in some group showings at AIM in Middleburg, Barrel Oak Winery, The Keegan Theatre in Washington, DC, Addison Ripley Gallery with her sister Kim Waters and the Alla Rogers Gallery. Her father’s work was represented at Govinda Gallery when he was alive. All art is derivative on one level or another and we all inspire each other. She is grateful to know so many accomplished artists in the area. Kerry is also a yoga instructor and also teaches art lessons to young adults in her home in Marshall.

waters_two Horses.jpg
Jessica Wilson

Jessica Wilson's paintings evoke the drama of light and dark and the play of interlocking shapes. Her subjects range from small studio set-ups to expansive views of the outdoors. Born and raised in Washington DC, Jessica grew up with many influences, including frequent visits to art museums. Her artist mother gained prominence in Loudoun County for her paintings of the vanishing farms and agrarian life. Jessica’s studio on Mt. Gilead was once part of an artists’ colony. Here she takes advantage of views facing east and west, observing changes in times of day and the seasons. During her years as a graphic designer at The Washington Post, Jessica studied at the Corcoran College of Art and the Washington Studio School where she served as a member of the Board of Directors. To borrow the quote ‘It is far more important to dig deep than to travel far’, Jessica reflects on these extraordinary times as an offering to artists of every discipline to go deeper and discover more. Through the Gamblin Dedicated Workshop Instructor Program, Jessica conducts workshops focused on the use of modern-day painting materials.

Wilson- Moonlight.jpg